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Saturday, October 27, 2012


It has been so so long since the last time I log in and blog.i wonder if anyone would actually notice that I have updated my blog this time. Life has been good. I guess. Despite the points where I gt fed up with work with boss with patients. So many points that I guess I could join them into a But I should feel thankful,for being able to serve god, serve god's ppl in my job. It's not only a tool for me to earn money and then splurge them. A colleague reminded me that every person was created for a reason. I hope I dun disappoint god too much. Too many things happended since the last time I updated my blog. Just went to a friend's mom funeral. Death has again reminded me that it's so near to all of us. Hopefully Im ready to meet our creator when the time comes. I love you all. With all my heart.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


some say, 2012 means the end of the world.
some say, 2012 means the beginning of a new hope.
no matter how u see it, i wish u a very happy new year;)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

random 2.0

like always.its been so long!
baby cho 2.0 is already 2 months old.talkative and very active:)

nxt week, my colleague will be back frm her maternity leave.phew.its finally over.but i guess its not over yet, until all the stocks that i ordered arrived safely.*fingers crossed* i guess the job is too much for me to handle. couldnt help to have very frequent nightmares. no stocks, wrong stocks, no money etc. i quited coffee for these few months as i couldnt differentiate coffee induced tachycardia from

its december!christmas is just around the corner. christmas is not just about santa, present, chocolate or singapore(?)haha.its time to rmb bout out the christ, our lord:)

just read pao's blog. a sentence caught my eyes. " my life according to a typical template." what do i really want frm my life? i guess im not too sure yet. a fren used to say something bout normal distribution or bell shape kinda stats thingy. i guess i have been living my life in that bell shape graph. safe and normal.

m i living my life? or m i just spending my everyday, finishing up my life?

ohhhh so deeep:D

have a lovely december ppl!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

random 1.0

we spent our whole life remembering passwords. all sort of accounts, different combinations. at the end of the day, we got them all mixed up.

it has been two months plus since i sit down n blog. my mind has been running here n there, so much to ponder but too lil patience to actually sit down n write.

been busy at work. there are times we hate to be the someone whom ppl expect u to noe everything. there are times we wished to just hide inside the drawer when ppl were calling ur name again n again. but i guess god has given me this opportunity to learn more. so im grateful=) despite all the complaints.

i need to control my temper. anger management class in need perhaps.

best fren is in love!*wink wink u noe who u are* more updates are needed if u are reading this! hopefully there are still place to squeeze in when i go to kl nxt time! :D

im so fat. i need to lose weight. even mom said that im seriously

i feel reluctant to go to yoga class each time, but when im done i feel happy, like this------->:D

i want to go on a vacation too.

i miss nz, especially dunedin and all my gals!

baby cho 2.0 is on her way.hehehe.

okay.thats all.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 1st bday baby cho

happy bday baby.auntie valerie pray for the best for u. may ur life be filled with joy, love and countless blessings.

Men that will nvr turn in to passerby...

...are the men we had loved.

U may not love him anymore, u may not rmb much about the past, u may be in love with someone else but the man/men that u had loved will just nvr become another ali muthu or ah chong.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

val is back=)(again)

Was struggling for at least 30 minutes trying to write things down in Chinese, just like how i loved to do few yrs back. then i realized my "pinyin" suck big time argh, perhaps next time.

question of the day,
how far is a dream from reality??